The WILDS - a new type of travel into the wild.

About US
Full immersion in reality, only individual approach and maximum security
we'll do all the work!
no backpacks
the film about your journey
4 security levels
your own chef
We have all equipment for you
Comfortable mountain hostels
relaxing practices
1. All our guides are locals, who know the area perfectly;
2. Support from the MOE;
3. Individual travel insurance for each participant;
4. Support by experienced rescuers on dangerous sections of the route
Porters, horses, jeeps - these are the ones who will take care of moving all your staff from point A to point B
No kitchen attendants even in the wild part of the route.

We carefully choose places for lunch and dinner, and if there is no restaurant or cafe on the way, then our chef is always ready to please you with dishes of national and European cuisine
All The WILDS adventures include shooting and editing a movie about the journey.

Our experienced cameraman will capture the highlights throughout the route and will collect all these moments in one mini-movie
For each trip, we carefully choose some special yoga and Pilates practices are appropriate, so that you can fully relax and immerse yourself in the here and now.

All of them are very simple but trully effective
If you need, we will provide you with everything you need: a tent, sleeping bag, dishes, and so on.*
Tourist service in Russia is in its infancy and to find truly comfortable conditions, combined with wild nature, isn't easy.

We carefully select the inns, where we place our guests and you can be sure that this is the best accommodation option in the selected travel segment in the ratio of price/quality/service/comfort
Jeeps. Rafts.Horses. Boats.Camels...
individual approach
only exclusive itineraries
- We'll adjust the itinerary according to your wishes;

- We'll take you everywhere, prepare tasty food for you, give you fresh water and protect you from wild animals;

- We'll take care of your luggage so that you do not have to carry it on yourself;

So you would only have to enjoy what is happening, without distraction and without worrying about anything
We have developed several itinerary options, each of which is adapted to the needs of our travelers.

You can be sure that your adventure will be exclusive and one of a kind.
All The WILDS itineraries are full of movement, so we try to vary our means of transportation as much as possible
All The WILDS trips are exclusive author's itineraries, made by us with the participation of local residents and guides.

Our goal isn't just to show you the beauty of nature, but also to plunge you into the real life of locals, get acquainted with their culture and customs
*Some of the services may not be provided in order to reduce the cost of participation in certain group expeditions
Who are we and where did we come from?
8 (968) 8975502

my name is Dmitry and I create travel The WILDS. Infinite seeker and gatherer.
I definitely need to try everything for myself and share with my friends the most interesting findings
I travel a lot. I collect ideas by the grain, I spy on the author's travel industry in Europe, Asia, and the United States, in order to create something new and real here.

Russia is unique. We can travel to different countries without going abroad. Different languages, cultures, and religions. And my author's routes are always expeditions in search of knowledge, updates, in search of themselves!
I'm Olga Miloserdova - an inspirer and master of customer service in our company.

My responsibility is turning your trip into the perfect adventure, that filled you with energy for new achievements.
8 (968) 8975502

I ran a quite big travel Agency in Moscow for more than 5 years, but was always attracted to make more confident adventures for our clients. You know, that trips when you could get off the path, carefully fenced with pegs "for your own safety" and feel real freedom. But in such stories there is always a question about safety.

That's why we created adventures, where security is created around you, not around a specific place.
You do what you want, and we'll take care of the rest.
When we went camping at the first time, we were shocked by the beauty of nature, this ringing silence, this scented air.
So, we decided to create a trip to the real wild, which could satisfy our needs оf a simple comfort and gives an incomparable feeling of complete immersion into the wilds.
Without any heavy backpacks or lack of a shower for a week
We really wanted to share this beauty with friends, but the way of a regular hiking with it's long transitions, complete lack of personal space and hygiene, didn't impressed us much.
8 (968) 8975502

I Am Alexander Borisovich Gurwitz -
geologist, leader of numerous expeditions.
At The WILDS I am responsible for working out our new itineraries
Northern Tien Shan, Altai, Baikal, Kola Peninsula, Peru, USA, China, Scandinavian countries - I have traveled to many countries and also many regions of Russia.

I explore biogenic and geopathogenic zones, led scientific expeditions, study antediluvian civilizations and simply accompanying various groups in the mountains and tundra.

Ones I met Dima and Olga and from that moment The Wilds appeared. My experience and their burning desire to create together became a new and interesting journey. Everything has to be thought out to the smallest detail - that's why I'm here.
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